We are proud of the wide variety of whiskey we offer. You will find blended and vatted, scotch, malt and bourbon. We have Irish, Scottish, American, Canadian and even Japanese whiskey. An excellent collection for you and for your gifts.


Cava Stampoulis, for vodka lovers, offers a wide variety of quality options. For your business or personal gifts, create your personal basket by choosing from our wide range.


Our large collection of Gin, will surely satisfy you. Visit our liquor store and choose from the variety of our products or give us your order.


Tequila is the national drink of Mexico and the first distilled beverage in North America. Tequila was the drink for bandidos and rancheros, today it has found its place next to premium whiskey and wines.

Rum και Cachaca

Pirates of the Caribbean drank rum. Today it is a famous ingredient in cocktails such as Cuba Libre, Mojito and Mai-tai. We offer you selected premium rums to give or enjoy. We also have Brazilian cachacas, for the nights that require a caipirinha!


Cigars and Cognac, a love like that of Romeo and Juliet. Cognac takes its name from the city of France. For 300 years now, it is made by double distillation of white grapes. Production began as a way to use waste from wine distillation, and so it was considered a drink by the poor. Today, there is strict control over production, and Cognac is a premium and popular beverage.


Spirits, Ouzo, Tsipouro, Raki, Grappa and Sambuca

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We also dilivery to your boat!